Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New TV & DVD Install

We went out to The Palms this morning to hook up a new TV & Blu-Ray Player. All went together well, then the customer asked us if we could hook it all up to the Internet, so we went out and made up some Ethernet cables to length and hooked them up. The Samsung smart tv was first to be connected. It connected up straight away and streamed video very smoothly from the net. Then we set up the Blu-Ray player we had to change the remote code set to code set2 because they had the same brand DVD Recorder & they had the same IR codes. Once we did that it was seamless. Then she asked if they could put their USB hard drive on the TV which had all of their movies stored on it. Yep no worries and we plugged it into one of the USB ports o. The side of the TV. The whole experience was a fantastic success.


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Location:The Palms

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