Thursday, 16 June 2011

New TV Antenna Installation

We went to a elderly ladies place today as she was having troubles receiving digital television. After getting up onto the roof and inspecting the TV Antenna we found that it was all rusted and was full of paper wasp mud. We also found that the cable that was in the system was airspace cable which if you don't know is not very good for Digital TV reception, it is the cable that has a clear plastic with tubes through it around the centre copper conductor, with only a little bit of shielding. The cable that SHOULD be used by any good TV Antenna installer is RG6 quad shield coaxial cable. Anyway after replacing all the cable and installing a new antenna higher up on the pitch of the roof facing the Gympie transmitter we got very good signal without having to use an masthead amplifier unlike what they had before which was facing the Black Mountain transmitter. When the lady got home as we where just finishing and checking her TV she asked if we could have a look at a power point in her kitchen which was oozing a green liquid from it socket. After calling an Electrician friend of mine (ABACUS AIR & ELECTRICAL) they will be coming around tomorrow afternoon to fix it for her.


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Location:Perry Lane Southside

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